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New Jersey Arms Collectors Club
Founded 1947 -- Incorporated 1952

Affiliated with
The National Rifle Association of America and The National Muzzle-Loading Rifle Association

Club Classified Ads

If you are a member of the NJACC and wish to list an item to sell or purchase, you may submit it to the webmaster for inclusion on this page. Only items legal in New Jersey may be listed, and if any firearms are listed, transfer must meet both New Jersey and Federal Laws regarding those transfers.

Write a brief description and include a photo if available. Include your Name, Address, Phone Number and email address.

Items FOR SALE without a verifiable street address will not be listed. If you do not want to list your street address on the ad, that is OK, but the webmaster must have it in order to list the item. E-mail addresses are OK for ITEMS WANTED .


Buyers must have NJ Firearms ID and / or Permits
Item Accessories Condition Price
FOR SALE by Bruce Tapley

The New Jersey Arms Collectors Club was founded in 1947 by an enthusiastic group of gun collectors. Norman Tapley was a leader of those founders and served as Treasurer. Like many of the collectors in our club, Norman had many fine firearms in his collection. Unlike our current members who primarily collect military weapons of the late 1800s, early 1900s, and reproductions, Norman's extensive collection of ORIGINAL Long Rifles and Handguns and accessories, date to the 1700's and was a principal force in forming the New Jersey Arms Collectors Club.

The Norman Tapley passed away 40 years ago, according to his sons, Bruce and Paul, who came to our meeting on March 18, and displayed their late father's collection of long rifles. They would like to keep the collection intact, if they can, and are offering the collection for sale as a set.

These rifles include flintlocks from 1800, 1812, a percussion double rifle from 1849, a squirrel rifle with a heavy barrel and more. The Tapley Bothers also have derringers, bladed weapons and acessories available from their father's collection.

Bruce Tapley maintains a very nice and extensive website for his Jewelry, Collectibles and Real Estate businesses.

The web site is: The Tapley Collection
Click on the following link to go directly to: Swords, Rifle and Derringers

For more information please contact:
Bruce Tapley

FOR SALE by Bruce Ross: 201-796-4055
French Cavalry Sword
circa 1875-1899
Metal Scabbard 95% $2000
FOR SALE by: Ed Zohn: (908) 526-8220 days
Taurus Model 86
.38 Special ONLY
Target Revolver, Medium Frame, 6" Bbl.
Adjustable Sights, Wolf Springs
Like New B/O- Neg.
Like new condition - perfect cosmetially and mechanically. Purchased in 1994, action job by factory (smoothed, with Wolff springs, but not lightened), virtual equivalent of S & W Model 14, except this does not have a full underlugged barrel, approx 800 rounds total since new. Best reasonable offer by negotiation, but I reserve the right to not sell if offer is too low.
FOR SALE by Kim Cottrell: 973-786-5054
LJUTIC Model 73
Single Barrell Trap Gun
Adjustable Comb Stock, Gold Engraving N/A Call $
TIKKA Model 412 ST
12 Ga / .308 O/U
.308 Rifle / 12Ga. Shotgun
call for details & price
N/A Call $
TIKKA Model 512S
12 Ga / .308 O/U
.30-06 Rifle / 3" -12Ga. Shotgun
call for details & price
N/A Call $
Bench Rest Rifle

Call for details & price
N/A Call $
Bolt Action Rifle

C.R. & P.J. Hart Barrel
Gun has no trigger
N/A Call $
These guns are from my father's collection. He was an avid trap shooter and collector. I am still researching the legitimate values on his guns and I have several more that I will list in the future. All guns subject to prior sale.
Must have valid NJ-FID Card.
All NJ and Federal Laws Apply


Submitted by:
Tom McHugh

I am looking for the following:
  • M1911 or M1911A1 .45 Pistol
    in Original Military Configuration, not civilianized
Will process sale w/ NJ Pistol Permit
Wanted by:
Wanted by:  
Submitted by:
Stan Gurski

I am looking for the following:
  • Polish Firearms Mfg 1920-1939
  • Late Model Radom Pistol
  • Reminton Rolling Block
    US Army Model 1871
  • Any Polish Pistols Prior to 1940
  • Johnson 1941 Rifle in .30-06
  • British Military Revolvers in .38 S&W or .455(Webley, Enfield, Colt or S&W)
Wanted by:
Glenn Kaye
(610) 838-6588

I am looking for the following items:
  • Peabody and Peabody-Martini Rifles and Carbines
  • Peabody spare parts and bayonets
  • Original hammer for a Remington Rolling Block No. 1, commercial model, (not military)
Wanted by:
Richard Yeskoo
  • WWI Webley revolver
  • WWII Enfield revolver
  • WWI Lebel revolver
  • Colt 1917 revolver
  • WWII Soviet Tokarev pistol
Wanted by:
Newt Meeker
(W) 973-762-1175
(H) 973-761-6172

I am looking for Savage
  • .410 BBL Inserts
    12, 16, or 20 Ga,
  • Chamber or BBL Inserts
    16 to 20 Ga, or 20 Ga to .410
Wanted by:
Dave Wiese

  • Rolling Block #1 Sporter,
    Any caliber 38-55 to 45-70

    No military guns, please
    (Prefer Original but would consider built up gun)
  • Rolling Block #1-1/2
    Rimfire or Centerfire
  • Rolling Block #2 and #4(Prefer Rimfire)
Wanted by
Dave Werner

Plainfield Machine Comapany
.22 Rifle