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New Jersey Arms Collectors Club
Founded 1947 -- Incorporated 1952
Affiliated with
The National Rifle Association of America and The National Muzzle-Loading Rifle Association

Membership Information
The NJACC is always looking for individuals who will add to our community of collectors and shooters. Membership in the NJACC is open to individuals who are interested in militaria, firearms, or edged weapons, their roles in history, and the preservation of our firearms heritage.

Shooters, Collectors, and those with similar interest are all welcome to join and become active particpants. If you are a 'rookie' just beginning your interests in guns, or have been collecting a while and have vast knowledge and experiences related to your collection, we welcome you to share your interests with us.

If you don't know anybody in the club and want to meet us please contact the Club Secretary for a Potential Prospect invitation. For a $5 fee, you will be the guest of the Secretary and be able to come to a meeting for a chance to meet members who may become sponsor. You can also meet some of our members (and potential sponsors) at our marksmanship contests that are open to the public. Coming to a meeting (except for July-Aug) is a great way to get a feel for the club." If you are interested in joining the NJACC, there are only a few requirements to meet:
  1. Prospective Members must have membership in the National Rifle Association or the National Muzzloaders Rifle Association
  2. Prospective Members must attend at least one of our regular meetings as the guest of a Regular Member.
  3. Prospective Members must be Sponsored by a Regular Member. The Prospective Member must also be Endorsed by another Regular Member to submit an application to join.
  4. Applicants approved by the Board become Probationary Members for One Year.
  5. Probationary Members are expected to participate in club activites and attend at least Six Meetings/Year
  6. Probationary Members in good standing after One Year will be reviewed by the board to become Regular Members.
As of March 1, 2003 Annual Dues was raised to $100.
NJACC Annual Dues is Sales Tax Exempt

Note For New members:

  • Shoot/Match Participation:
    Entrance Fee Differential of your first two matches can be applied to your First Year's Membership Dues
  1. The NJACC provides a roster (names only) of our members to the NJ State Police as stipulated by law. Membership in our registered club provides legal protections in handling and transport of firearms, to and from our events and meetings. This includes
    • Matches held at Shongum Sportsmen, our Range, and the ANJRPC Range in Vernon, and events involving Re-enacting.
    • REENACTORS can benefit from the protection offered by membership in a registered organization.
  2. Participation in our sponsored matches at membership rates-
    Note: Match Registration Fees are $10 more for Non-Members
  3. The NJACC is now a CMP Affiliated Club.
    Members can purchase rifles and ammo through the CMP at discounted rates.
  4. The NJACC has many firearms experts who can help evaluate your firearm, and collectibles. From simple identification through more advanced appraisals, our members are there to help you or your survivors get a true picture of your collections value in case you wish to sell, or insure.
  5. The NJACC Website contains links to information and vendors of interest to our members. The site also contains results of our matches, club news, and general information.
  6. EMAIL: If you do not have an email account, you can get a free email account at njacc.info. Simply contact our webmaster Thomas Plante (tgplante@tntplanet.com) to get your account set up.
    Our monthly newsletter, The Vigilant is sent to all our members via Standard Mail or by email. The format of the newsletter is generally:
    • Presidents Message
    • Information from the Board of Directors
    • Information on the past meeting and future meeting
    • News of Special Interest
      -Good & Welfare
      -Ballots, etc.
    • Shoot Flyers
    • Classified Ads
      -Note: Classifieds are free to NJACC Members
Sponsors and Endorsers

Membership in the NJACC is open to all individuals are interested in firearms, their roles in history, and the preservation of our firearms heritage. But in order to join our club, they must have Sponsors and Endorsers. Each meeting, there are usually a few candidates looking to join our club. Make an effort to meet them, especially if they are from your neighborhood. By becoming a sponsor or endorser, both the prospective member and the club will benefit.

  • A Sponsor shall be an active member in good standing for at least 12 months before the date of application. His duty shall be to instruct the applicant on the Rules and Regulations of the Club. He shall act as a liaison agent between the applicant and the Membership Committee. He shall act in this capacity until the applicant becomes an active member.

  • An Endorser shall be an active member in good standing for at least 12 months before the date of application. He shall be willing to assume the full responsibilities of the sponsor at any time. He shall act in this capacity until the applicant becomes an active member.
  • This year, the NJACC became a member club in the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP). The CMP provides ammo and surplus military rifles to members in CMP affiliated clubs.

    The NJACC is now offering a Corresponding Membership with CMP Rights to anyone who qualifies to be an NJACC Regular Member but lives beyond a 100 Mile Radius of Kenilworth, NJ.

    Annual Dues for Corresponding Members with email is $25. For those without email, the fee is $35.

    To download an NJACC Application,
    Click Here


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