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The NJACC is composed mainly of C&R collectors and shooters. They are also gun owners and as such they are subject to the political whims of our legislatures. All members are required to be members of the National Rifle Association or the National Muzzle-Loader Rifle Association. For this reason, this page features links to organizations and information that provide support to our ideals as well as to vendors who carry many of the items we need.

The following table lists a number of sites for C&R type militaria information. These sites are neither part of nor endorsed by NJACC, but if you are looking for information on a specific item, they may have it. In general, these sites are non-political vendors. Just click on the link and it will take you to the "Table of Links".


The NJACC is largely non-political. We are pro-rights and anti-crime. As individuals, we vote for or against candidates of our individual choosing. In this way we are PRO-VOTE!

However, we are associated with organizations and friends that are more politically inclined. They have provided us with tools and allies in our efforts to protect our rights. The link below, will take you to a table of informational "Fireams Related Sites".


If you are a member of the NJACC and find a site suitable for inclusion, please forward the URL to the webmaster and it will be added. If you find a link that is not working or is offensive, please let the webmaster know and it will be taken care of.


Links to Reference Sites for Collectibles
Tokarev SVT-40
Identifying-Collecting, FAQ
Interesting and Informative Article on the SVT-40
Guns Used by Presidential Assassins
2017 NJACC Christmas Presentation
by Stan Gurski
Video by Charles Collins
Polish Small Arms 1919-1939
NJACC Presentation by Stan Gurski
Video by Chris Butler
"Pumpkin Slingers"
.69 Cal Muskets
Shooting .69 Smoothbore and Rifled Muskets
Article by John Rountree
History of the Carcano Rifle History of the Carcano Rifle
NJACC Presentation by Dr. Dionigi Maladorno, MD
Sept. 28, 2018
Video by Chris Butler
Rocky Mountain Arms BP .22 Rifle Report by John Rountree on a breech-loading black-powder .22 Rifle in his collection
Buffalo Soldier Re-enactor Interview with Buffalo Soldier
Shongum Memorial Day Match 2017
Video By Chis Butler
Harlem HellFigher Reenactor Interview with Harlem Hellfighter
Shongum Memorial Day Match 2017
Video By Chis Butler
P14 Volley Sights Volley Sights Explained - P14 Enfield
NJACC Presentation - Stan Gurski
Video By Chris Butler
Span-Am War Mauser Rifle The Mauser Rifle in the Spanish-American War
NJACC Presentation - Stan Gurski
Video By Chris Butler
French Arms French Arms and Bayonets Used From 1914 to 1918 | Collector's & History Corner
NJACC Presentation - Stan Gurski
Video By Chris Butler
Guns of the Easter Rising of 1916 Irish Easter Rebellion March 1916
Article Published in NRA Rifleman Magazine
Dates of manufacture for US and foreign collectible guns
by Steve Jackson
When was my US Military gun made?"
French Military Rifles
by Steve Jackson
History and Development French Military Rifles
Brown Bess Muskets
"The Redcoats Brown Bess Musket"
by George C. Neumann
History and Development of the "Brown Bess Musket"
(Topic of our April 2014 Presentation) From American Rifleman, April 2001
Weapons Man
5 Reasons for the AK's Legendary Reliablity
An article on the Development and Reliability of the Kalishnikov AK Rifles
6th New York Independent Battery
6th New York Independent Battery
"The 6th NY is a family friendly Civil War Artillery Unit based out of Rahway, NJ
. . . This website has been created to both honor the original members of the 6th NY and as a central information headquarters for our reenactment unit."
General William C. Lee Airborn Museum The Museum is the former home of General William C. Lee
The Father of the Airborne

In addition to a tour of the museum, the website and museum contain information on the Airborne, Uniforms, Weapons, the General and his Wife.
John Rountree, Consulting

Box 363
Maplewood, NJ 07407
John Rountree is a director of the NJACC and an expert on shooting smoothbore and rifled muskets. John just published his
Third Edition of
"A Reenactors Guide to Shooting the Rifled Musket"
This 28 page pamphlet contains information gained from his over 50 years of experience as a reenactor and researcher. This publication is available for sale on his website at just $5.00 each.

Fred Noesner

1808 Christian St
Philadelphia, PA 19146

Fred is a former NJACC Member and works for Historic Philadelphia in the summer.

Fred, who is blind, just published a book about a blind person in the Revolutionary War, called "The Fortunate Ones".

Ordering info coming

Mosin Nagant Rifle Bore Slugging Tutorial
Simple Process to deterimine the true bore diameter of a .30 Cal Rifle
Author Donald Hartman
(973) 467-3451
DD Blade Research
The U.S. Krag Bayonets
History, Variations, Modifications
Outstanding Quality and Highly informative book on the Bayonets for the U.S. Krag Rifle
Glenn Kaye's Peabody Information
Letter to the Editor of Shotgun News
Correcting Errors in an article on Pebody Rifles
Yooper John's Site A nice site with informtion on the SKS and other collectable guns.
"A 'yooper' is someone from the U.P. (Upper Peninsula) of Michigan"
Rifle A nice site dedicated to military rifle sling identification.
Information current as of March '04
New Jersey Firearms Academy
NOTE: New Email Address:
Dedicated to the promotion of Firearm Safety and Marksmanship Education.
Diary of Alvin York Sgt. Alvin York's Story- Truly Amazing what he did with a US M17 Enfield
Accurate Reloading Information, Stories, Forums on Reloading, Hunting and Shooting
History of Firearms Identification Introduction to Forensic Firearm Identification
The Trapdoor Collector Pages dedicated to the Springfield Armory Trapdoor Rifles
Site includes: History, Research, Information
Weaponry - The Springfield '03 Interactive Time Machine: Rifle 1903 and Springfield Armory
Sprinfield Armory Reserch Pages Interactive Database Search on any Springfield Armory Topic
Sprinfield Armory National Historic Site Official Home Pages of Springfield Armory
Oklahoma Rifle Assn A page dedicated to the 1903 Springfields and their history
Richard's Lee Enfield Rifle Page A page dedicated to the Lee Enfield Rifles and their history
Lee Enfield Rifle Association- UK A complete site with numerous Lee Enfield links
Carbines For Collectors Information, history and pictures pertaining to the collection of: Mosin Nagant, SKS, Mauser, Carcano, Arisaka and Steyr Mannlicher Model 95 carbines.
OLIVE DRAB.COM A huge site dedicated to the weapons and tools of the military, 200+ pages.
American Local History Nework Links to backgrounds on many US military small arms.
The RELOAD BENCH: Rifle Cartridges Click on the calibers listed and get a brief history of each.
Carcano Rifle Home Page Information on Carcano Rifles
CRUFFLER.COM: Article Reviewing the Carcano Rifle
The Italian Weapons Board An Open Forum for the discussion of Italian Firearms
Blackpowder Cartridge Rifles Non-US Military Rifles 1865-1888
Polish Firearms Page Military Firearms of Poland: Pistols to Machine Guns

Pro-Gun Informational Sites
You Tube Info on Vote Company dedicated to providing accurate
about ALL POLITICAL CANDIDATES you may wish to vote for or against.
Submitted by Stan Gurski
Pamela Pamela, along with Robert Spencer, have also championed the Bill of Rights for several years
Submitted by Chuck Collins
Pamela Article "In Cathy Young"’"s World, Everybody Surrenders”
Submitted by Chuck Collins
How to handle Charity Requests Sample letters in support of firearms ownership in response to charites requesting donations
Submitted by Chuck Collins
NRA Home Site, National Rifle Association
NMLRA Home Site, National Muzzle-Loading Rifle Association Home Site, New Jersey Second Amendment Society
Gun Law Publishers All about gun laws in every State
Plus Much More
Submitted by S.Gurski
Article "Neutral" Article Info on Gun Stats
Submitted by S. Gurski

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