To commemorate the history of the US Marine Corps and its heritage of marksmanship

The New Jersey Arms Collectors Club

Invited one and all to come and participate in our

and compete with arms historically used by the USMC in defense of our great nation.

DATE: Saturday, November 13, 2021
TIME: Longarms: 10:00am - 1:00pm
(Sight-in 9:30-10:30 )
Handguns: 2:15 - 3:45
LOCATION: ANJRPC Cherry Ridge Range Highland Lakes, NJ
PRIZES: Bragging Rights to Winners
FIREARMS: Curios and Relics of the period -
Original Stocks and sights-Accurate reproductions true to originals accepted.
CONTESTS: All contests were 10 rounds in 2 Minutes at 100 Yards- any position including bench rest
with exceptions for Specialty and Black Powder Matches
SHOOT CHAIRMAN Paul Pruss . . .e-mail:

Due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, this match was a "shoot-n-scoot" affair in which competitors completed their matches, submitted their targets and went home. The usual comaradarie of a leasurely lunch, chat, scores and trophies had to be ommitted due to restrictions.

Stan Gurski reported that there were 14 shooters under cloudy skies with temps in the 50's. The weather was perfect. Who could ask for more?

Following registration, all shooters were assembled (social distancing applied) and givin the match rules, and social distancing regulations.

Contest rules required shooters fire 10 rounds in 2 minutes at a standard SR21-C target placed at the 100 yard line with exceptions for some of the Black Powder Matches.

This year there were twenty-one (21) rifle contests in the course of fire with a few new events.

Even with the limited number of shooters, several events went "unclaimed" even though guns qualified for the events were on the range. One only needed to turn in their score to win.

Slideshow from the shoot

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The Next NJACC Sponsored Event known as the
"Annual Winter Rendezvous"
will be held on
January 15, 2022
at the ANJRPC Cherry Ridge Range

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Complete scores for all events follow:

Once again, at least one match was entered and no target turned in. We had a trapdoor on the line, but no score turned in by its shooter.

1) SHORES OF TRIPOLI Smoothbore flintlock 5 shots in 15 minutes
No Entries    
2) HALLS OF MONTEZUMA Smoothbore percussion musket 5 shots in 10 minutes
Aaron S. Tower Smoothbore 7
3) BANANA REPUBLIC WARS Thompson semi auto 1928 style-10 shots in 2 minutes
Jeff A. 1928 Style Thompson S/A 96
4) MARINE RAIDER Thompson semi auto M1 style or Reising carbine-10 shots in 2 Minutes
John M. Thompson M1 74-1X
5) FORT FISHER Percussion rifle musket. (10 shots in 10 minutes)
No Entries    
6) BATTLE OF GANGWAH Remington Rolling Block in 50/70
No Entries    
7) PEKING RELIEF Remington-Lee in 45/70 or Trapdoor in 45/70
No Entries    
No Entries    
9) SAMAR Krag Rifle or carbine or Winchester 95 in 30/40
Stan S. Krag Rifle 32
10) BELLEAU WOOD '03 Springfield, S stock, finger groove-RIA or Springfield
John M. '03 Springfield (WWI) 80-1X
11) GREAT WAR BOLT 1917 Enfield
Jeff A. US Enfield Model 1917 66
12) GUADALCANAL '03, '03A1, '03 (modified) Remington NO 03A3!
John M. '03 Springfield (WWII) 80
John M. Springfield '03A3 80-2X
14) PARA-MARINE Johnson 1941
No Entries    
15) INCHON M1 Garand
Joseph M. M1 Garand 81
16) KHE SANH M1A or M14 clone
Mike E. M1A 70
17) HUE Full size AR (MILSPEC) in 5.56- (no trick out rifles)
No Entries    
18) FALLUJAH M4 style AR carbine with iron sights or combat optics
No Entries    
19) MARINE SPEC-OPS - FREE STYLE ANY 5.56 or 7.62 NATO battle rifle
John F. Mosin-Nagant 91/30 61
20) MARINE TROPHY Any longarm that a Marine might have brought back as a war trophy
(e.g. Japanese, Mosin, SKS, GEW98, KAR98, Spanish M93, etc.)
Joseph C. Mosin 91/30 98-3X
21) USMC SNIPER Any documented USMC sniper type rifle -one shot on target @100 Yds
Mike E. SRS A1 (6.5 Creedmore) Dead X
Table of all entered scores

Schedule of Events