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Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in service of the United States of America. Memorial Day was borne out of the Civil War and was officially proclaimed in May 1868 by General John Logan, national commander of the Grand Army of the Republic. The 30th of May, 1868, was designated for the purpose of decorating the graves of union soldiers who died in defense of the country during the late rebellion. The date was chosen because it wasn't the anniversary of any particular battle. On the first Decoration Day, General James Garfield made a speech at Arlington National Cemetery, and 5,000 participants decorated the graves of the 20,000 Union and Confederate soldiers buried there.

By 1890 Decoration Day was recognized by all of the northern states. The South refused to acknowledge the day however, honoring their Civil War dead on separate days until after World War I when the holiday was changed to honoring Americans who died fighting in any war.

In Honor of the
Men and Women of the American Military Services
Whose Sacrifices Have Made Our Freedom Possible.

Shongum Sportsmen Association

Invited one and all to compete with tangible links to
the battles of our Nation's History in our


Saturday, May 28, 2016

At The
Shongum Sportsmen's Mansfield
100 Yard Outdoor Range

10:00am - 4:00pm

Shooters celebrated our country's history by competing with the firearms
that helped to make this country great. From the Brown Bess, to the AR-15, we had a match for everyone.

On Saturday May, 2016, the Shongum Sportsmen's Association (SSA), sponsored a Memorial Day vintage military rifle marksmanship match held in honor of the men and women of the American military services whose sacrifices have made our freedom possible.

This vintage military marksmanship match was created formerly run by the New Jersey Arms Collector's Club (NJACC) and held at the NJACC Club Range in Allamuchy. Shongum Sportsmen's Association has maintained the tradition of running Military-themed vintage shoots when the NJACC lost use of its range. We are fortunate that many members from both clubs work to keep these matches alive by running, participating, and competing in these matches.

The Shoot
This premier vintage military rifle marksmanship event attracted top shooters who came from the four corners of the tri-state area to celebrate our country's history by competing against fellow collectors with the firearms that helped make the USA what it is today.

Contest rules for the smokeless powder events required shooters fire 10 rounds in 2 minutes at a target placed at the 100 yard line. For the black powder events the targets are also placed at 100 yards but shooteres had five minutes to place five shots in the X-Ring or near about. The two (2) contests for smoothbore muskets were shot at 18th century combat range (25 yards) with special care being taken at that distance so the muzzle flashes did not to set fire to the targets.

The match this year consisted of nineteen (18) rifle and one (1) combination rifle and handgun event named after the most decorated US soldier in WWII, Audie Murphy. Trophies were also available to be awarded for the highest scoring shooter under 18 years old and the female shooter with the highest score of the day.

Participants brought ultra fine examples of historic American military firearms including Trapdoor Springfields, Krag Jorgensens, US 1917 Enfields, 1903 Springfields, M-1 Garands and the ubiquitous AR 15 clones. This year to mark the 140th anniversary of the Little Big Horn battle, particpants were allowed to use any rifle of the many types used by indian warriors in their fight against the US 7th cavalry on that long ago warm Sunday afternoon in Montana.

There was a virtual museum-like collection of shooters in attendance who brought some of the most iconic American military rifles in original outstanding condition. Notable among the notables, historically minded participants brought an authentic Spencer 1865 carbine, a Burnside 5th model carbine, and a Hall rifle. There were five (5) Krag Jorgensen model 1898 long rifles and three (3) Krag carbines; the largest gathering of Krags in recent recorded NJACC match history. Also seen was a rare Iron Frame Henry reproduction in .44WCF caliber, a very nice 1917 US Enfield made by Winchester, four M1As, an authentic near mint 1903A4 Springfield sniper rifle, and a plethora of ARs and M1 Garands.

On the Line     Shooters     Orlando

Chris in uniform     Chris C. came dressed in the authentic uniform of a sergeant in the 12th Infantry Division Phillipine Scout. An altogether fitting and great way to honor the brave men who served in that unit.

Competition began under bright skies at just shortly after 10:00A under the watchful eye of shoot chairman Stan G. and Range Safety Officer Dave J. who dressed coolly for the event. Despite the large number of events Dave ran the line with military like precision and the match was completed in time for a leisurely lunch of neo-military style cuisine.

Lunch was prepared under the aegis of the NJACC's own President, Food Stylist, and Boss of the Sauce Chuck C. who worked with Barbara F. to pull together this epicurian event to usher in the beginning of summer. This year's military grade menu included SPAM, well grilled hamburgers, and boiled 100% all beef Coney Island Hot Dogs. The dogs and burgers were served on fresh buns and were suffused with warm chili and bedaubed with mustard, ketchup, or sauerkraut and topped off with a generous serving of old fashioned baked beans just like grandma used to make. There was also a fixin' bar for the burgers to die for that would have had them eating their hearts out down at White Castle. All in all, a fabulous gourmand like treat well worth the price of admission alone. America's favorite delicious nuitricious deserts, Yodels, Devil Dogs, Ring Dings, Ding Dongs, potato chips, fritos, cheeto puffs, and apple pie were also available to top off this exquisite dining experience.

After the usual lunchtime banter, the winners of the rifle matches were announced with some memorable and outstanding acheivements. High score of the day went to Jack S. with a 99-3X in the Fallujah Match using an AR-15 followed closely by Andy G. with a 98-3X firing an M-1A in the Khe Sanh contest. John M. was the big winner of the day taking home three well deserved trophies including the coveted Audie Murphy award in a close match up with last years' winner. John was followed by Paul M. who took honors with three wins and shut down the competition in the Little Big Horn contest once again using a fine repro Winchester Model 1866 Yellow Boy rifle.

There were no winners of the Young Warrior or Rosie the Riveter awards since no one meeting the strict club guidelines entered either contest. A big hand goes to Tom P. who performed the unsung but necessary task of scoring targets and compiling match results.

Congratulations to all contest winners and thanks to everyone who showed up and participated in this match making it a success.

The next joint Shongum/NJACC match which commemorates VJ-Day will be held in August.
Details and further information are posted on the NJACC website at www.njacc.info

Shoot Results Follow:
Memorial Day Match
CONTEST / Guns of the Era Winner / Rifle Score

5 Rounds

1) Monmouth
Smoothbore Flintlock (50 Yards)
No Entries  
2) Bull Run
Percussion Smooth Bore (25 Yards)
No Entries  
3) New Orleans
Flintlock Rifle (100 Yards)
No Entries  
4) Little Round Top
Civil War Rifle (100 Yards)
Paul M.
1860 Henry Repro
5) Brandy Station
Civil War Rifled Carbine (100 Yards)
Russ P.
Spencer Carbine

10 Rounds 2-Minutes - 100 Yards

6) Little Big Horn
Trapdoor Springfield .45-70,
SASS Lever Rifle (Pistol Cal)
Paul M.
1866 Yellow Boy
(Repro) in 45LC
7) San Juan Hill
Krag Carbine .30-40 Krag
Steve D.
Krag Carbine
8) Spanish-American Volunteer
Trapdoor Springfield .45-70
John M.
45/70 Trapdoor Springfield
9) Boxer Rebellion
Krag Rifle .30-40 Krag
Rich T.
1898 Krag Rifle
10) US Enfield M1917
US M1917, P17
Paul M
US M1917
11)Legendary '03
03,'03A1, '03A3, MK I '03,
Jeff A.
'03 Springfield
12) Pork Chop Hill
M1 Garand
George K
M1 Garand
13) Young Warrior
Any Shooter/Gun Under 18
No Entries  
14) Khe Sahn
Andy G.
15) Falluja
(War on Terror)

Any Jersey Legal AR-15
Jack S.
16) American Sniper
US Military Scoped Sniper Rifle Pre '75
Jeff A.
Springfield '03A4
17) Trainer
US Military .22 Trainer
Pete Y.
Kimber .22 Trainer
18) Rosie the Riveter
Any Female Shooter Any Match
No Entries  
19) Audy Murphy
M1 Garand / 1911A1
John M. 270-4X
All Scores in html format

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