In commemoration of the
96th Anniversary of the End of the WW-I
and in honor of the men and women who served so valiantly to preserve our freedom in

The New Jersey Arms Club, Inc.
Invited the proud owners of
World War I Rifle and Handguns
to participate in our
A Marksmanship Contest Using:

DATE: Saturday, November 15, 2014
TIME: Longarms: 10:00am - 1:00pm
(Sight-in 9:30-10:30 )
Handguns: 2:15 - 3:45
LOCATION: Shongum Sportsmen's Range Mansfield, NJ
PRIZES: Trophy to best in each contest
FIREARMS: Curios and Relics of the period -
Original Stocks and sights-Accurate reproductions true to originals accepted.
CONTESTS: All contests are 10 rounds in 2 Minutes at 100 Yards- any position including bench rest
SHOOT CHAIRMAN Stan Gurski . . .e-mail:

Lunch of Hot Dogs w/chilli & Kraut, Baked Beans, Soft drinks and snacks was served to all with all paid entries.


Special thanks once again to the Shongum Sportsmen's Association who made this shoot posssible on their range and lunch in their clubhouse.

This shoot was organized by Shongum/NJACC Member, Stan Gurski and had scheduled use of the range. NJACC members provided support and publicity for the match.

The great lunch, of Hot Dogs & Kraut, Chili, and drinks, prepared by our Chef Chuck Collins, was waiting for our shooters to come off the line. It was prepared a bit early, but everyone ate and there were virtually no leftovers.

The Shongum Indoor Pistol Range is under repair, and was unavailable for our shoot. Following lunch, our handgun matches were held on the rifle range.

The weather was clear and COLD, and we had a great turnout, using all 18 shooting benches. We were quite organized this year. Bob Weis had delivered frames that were in excellent condition. but when we went to install the frames, we learned that a new mounting system was built in the pits and it took longer than planned to setup them up.

When the frames were setup, the legs were color coded green and orange for target assignment. Additionally, the frames were color coded, numbered and labeled with red, green, yellow, and blue half-sheets of construction paper. The Matching halfs were attached to the shooting benches. This eliminated cross firing at the range and worked great.

The Alvin York and Grenadier Matches were held during lunch. Those who did not participate, broke for lunch. The Alvin York Match required 5 rounds to be shot off-hand at 100 yards into a silhouette target, followed by 7 rounds of .45acp to be fired from 25 feet at the same target. Combined scores determined the winner. Several shooters participated, but we only have the winner's name to report.

The Grenadier Match uses an SMLE Mark III w/Cup Discharger Attachment. The projectiles in this match were used tennis balls that fit snugly into the cup, and the ammo used was .303 blanks. The method of loading and firing is to force a tennis ball into the 6" deep launcher cup from the muzzle, place a blank round in the chamber. To fire, the shooter assumes a kneeling position with the butt of the rifle on the on the ground with the trigger-guard facing up. After selecting a suitable angle (30-45 degrees), the gun is fired.

The rifle acts like a mortar and lobs the tennis ball from 50 to 100 yards down range. The shot that landed closest to the 100-yard line won. The "projectiles" were identified by having the shooter label their tennis ball with their initials using a black marker.

Stan provided .303 blanks, and tennis balls for the event. Stan got the balls free, but had to buy the blanks, so contestants purchased blanks at a dollar each. This event had more contestants than any of the others and proved to be a great success. Many of the shooters anted up for multiple shots. Only a couple of Enfields were on the line, so shooters took turns. About 50 balls were launched. The balls reached heights of 200 - 300 feet and were buffeted by some strong head winds, and landed much shorter than anticipated. The optimum angle for maximum distance was about 30 degrees.

The winning scores follow:

Click on the scores to see the winning target
1) DOUGHBOY US Enfield, M1917 Rifle
Jay R US Enfield, M1917 97
2) BELLEAU WOOD US Springfield 1903, Straight Stock, Open Sights
Andy G '03 Springfield 95-2X
3) ALLIED RIFLE P14 Enfield, Enfield Mark III, Lebel, Long Mosin-Nagant,
Carcano Rifle, Japanese Type 38, Ross, Belgian Mauser
Michael R Long Mosin Nagant 88
Paul M. GEW 98 95-1X
5) RIFLE W/BAYONET Any of the above w/Bayonet
Andy G '03 Sprinfield w/Bayonet 92-1X
12) Alvin York US M1917 Rifle/'03 Sprinfield-5 Rounds @ 100 Yards
Colt 1911 auto / US M1917 .45acp Revolver- 7 Rounds @ 20 Yards
Andy G. M1917 Rifle
Colt 1911 .45 Auto
13) Grenadier Enfield Mark III Cup Discharger
Dave J Enfield MK-III w/Cup Launcher 96 Yards
Outdoor Range @ 50' - Ten Shots Off-hand
Click on the scores to see the winning target
Andy G Mauser 31
7) Allied Revolver Webley, Colt, S&W in .45 ACP or .455 Webley, Nagant 95,
Lebel 92, Japanese Type 26, Italian Bodeo
Orlando O. S&W M1917 .45 ACP 53
8) Allied Auto 1911 .45 ACP, .455, (No A1 Variants), Glisenti, Nambu Type-A
No Entries    
9) Stocked Pistol Broomhandle Mauser, Artillery Luger(9mm, 7.63mm)
Chris B. C96 Mauser 9mm 54
10) SMALL PISTOL Browning 1900, 1903, 1910, Mauser 1914, Ruby Type, Colt 1903, 1908, Walther Model #4, Savage 1907 - Match Shot at 15'
Peter Y. Colt 1903 27
2014 Armistice Day Scores

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