Historical Winter Shoot

January 19, 2013

The Arms Collectors would like to publicly thank the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs for the use of their Cherry Ridge Range Facility, located near Vernon, NJ. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we could not hold this shoot without their greatly appreciated help.
In memory of the hardships faced by friend and foe alike in the many winter campaigns from the American Revolution through present day hunting in Winter Alaska, The New Jersey Arms Collectors Club was proud to sponsor our Annual Historical Winter Shoot featuring arms used in Winter Conflicts 1775 - 2012.

Shooters were encouraged to wear appropriate battle dress for this occasion. Weather reports placed the early morning temperatures in the teens, but by the time shooting started, the temperature had risen to the low 30's.

We had over 23 shooters on the line. Dave Johnson manned the Soup Kitchen, doling out Soup, Coffee and Tea. He also doubled as scorekeeper and scored targets as they came in.

Bob Weis, who had been storing our target frames, delivered them to Tom Plante's house. Tom then brought them to the range and arrived just before 9:00.

Our usual "chef" Joe Lutz was back in service. He cooked up a huge pot of his baked beans, along with hot dogs, kielbasa, chili, and kraut.

Stan Gurski, our shoot chairman ran the line as usual. Following a quick meeting to discuss procedures and safety, the shoot got underway about 10:00AM.

In addition to the Usual Suspects, we had a new Young Warrior, and a couple of women shooters as well. They turned in some very impressive targets.

Dave Johnson scored the targets as they came off the line. Tom Plante recorded and determined the winners. The matches ended by 3:00 but scoring and handing out trophies took 'till 4:00. Trophies were handed out and everyone went home happy.

We had some exceptional shooters this year, especially in the Sarah Palin Class. Donna M turned in several perfect scores and was beaten only by group size in two matches. She was our Sarah Palin Winner.
Andy G won a few events and of course shot a perfect X for the Sniper Trophy.

A new shooter was one of our big winners. Ben D captured several awards in highly contested matches.

Overall it was a very good day. Lunch was great. Everyone had a good time and we are looking forward to our next shoot in April.

All the winning targets have been scanned and can be seen by clicking on the winning score. Where we had ties, all the targets were scanned.


January 19, 2013

ANJRPC Cherry Ridge Range
Canistear Road, Vernon, NJ


Members: $5 /Event or $20.00 for 5 or more events, $5.00 Reentry
Non-Members: $10.00.Event or $30 for 5 or more events, $5.00 Reentry
(Included lunch and hot beverages)
Curios and Relics of the period-Original Stocks and sights
All contests are 10 rounds in 2 Minutes at 100 Yards - Any position including bench rest* unless otherwise noted.
*NOTE: All guns must be fired from shoulder unless excused for medical reasons
SHOOT CHAIRMAN Stan Gurski GurskiLTC@aol.com
1) Battle of Trenton
Any Flintlock Smoothbore
No Entries    
2) Mountain Man
Civilian Percussion or Flint Rifle
Stu R TC Renegade Hawkin 35
3) Fredricksburg
Any Civil War Muzzloader
Score Not Turned In    
4) Winter War
Any Finnish or Russian Mosin Nagant
Dan S Finnish Mosin Nagant 48
5) Balkan Front
Any Yugoslav, Austrian, Italian, Bulgarian, Romanian or Greek
WWII bolt action rifle
No Entries    
6) Eastern Front Semi-Auto
G-41, G-43, Tokarev 38 and 40
No Entries    
7) Battle of the Bulge Bolt
98K, '03 Springfield, Enfield III, IV, M17 Enfield
Jim B '03 Springfield 50
8) Battle of Heurtgen Forest
M1 Garand, G-43, G-41
Andy G M1 Garand 50
9) Scandanavian Bolt
Swedish Mauser, Norwegian or Danish Krag
Andy G Swedish Mauser 47
10) Alpine Defense
Any Swiss, Italian French, Austrian
Mil. Bolt or Semi Auto
Ben D K11 Swiss Schmidt-Rubin 48
11) Chosin Resevoir
M1 Garand, Mosin Nagant,
Japanese 38, 99, or Mauser 98
Andy G M1 Garand 50
Ralph G M1 Garand 50
12) Afghan Hills
Any NJ Legal Semi Auto in
5.56, 7.62 Nato, 7.62 x 39, 5.45 x 39
Dave S AR-15 50
Ben D AR-15 50
Jack S AR-15 50
Donna M AR-15 50
Walt M M14 50
13) Klondike
Any Black Powder Cartridge Firearm
Ben D 11mm Black Powder Rifle 23
14) Alaskan Hunter
Any Sporter Rifle in Sporterized Military
(iron sights)
Bill A AK-74 < 49
Ralph G '03A3 49
15)Winter Sniper
Orig. Military Sniper Rifle w/orig. Optics
1 Shot -100 Yards
Andy G Mosin-Nagant 91/30 X
16) Polar Bear
Any Sport, Military or Police Rifle
W/Iron Sights or Scope
(Non-GI Optics, .270 Cal or Larger)
Jim B l Rem 700 .308 Win 50
17) Sarah Palin Trophy
Any Female Shooter
Donna M AR-15 50
18) Young Warrior
Any Shooter Under 18 Years Old
Don F M1922 M2 Springfield .22 72
19) Winter Plinker
Any .22 Rimfire Rifle
Greg M
John Rountree
DSM 34 .22 Rifle
M1922 M2 Springfield .22
20) Winter Olympian
Any Scoped Rimfire
Jack S Savage .17 HMR 50
Donna M Mossberg .17 HMR

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