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Charity Fundraiser

At The
Shongum Sportsmen's Mansfield
Indoor 50' Pistol Range

11:00am - 2:30pm


This event was hosted by the Shongum Sportsmen and run by members who are also NJACC members.
Stan Gurski planned and ran the shoot. Shongum collected the fees, paid for the refreshments.

In honor of Police Week,
All profits will go to local Police Charities

The Matches

The TV-Land Cop Shoot was a fun filled event that featured just about every TV cops' firearms. The categories were based upon what guns were used in TV Cop shows. Police "profile" targets in a variety of colors were used - Black, Red, Green, Grey, and Blue. Experience has shown that the shooters cannot see hits on the black targets and therefore could not adjust to where they were shooting. Next year, black targets will not be used.

We had 16 categories and 2 special trophies.

The "Cagney & Lacey" Trophy went to the Female Shooter with the Highest Score from any match. This year's winner was Deborah S. with a score of 109-1x in the Rizzoli & Isles Match.

The "Barney Fife" Trophy for the lowest score by any shooter was not issued.

All matches were shot in the same manner. The regular matches had three 25-second relays.

  1. The first relay was 10 rounds from the "FBI Crouch" at 7 Yards. Competitors fired 5 rounds, reloaded and fired the last 5 rounds.
    The "FBI" Crouch requres a single handed crouching stance facing forward with the gun brought up to elbow height. A string was held at about 42" off the ground. Shooters could not bring their gun above that line and could not "aim" the gun using their sights. After completing the first relay, the shooters safely moved back to the 50' line.
  2. The second relay was also 10 rounds in 25 seconds. Position was "Off-Hand" - One handed, Double Action (if applicable) extended arm using sights.
  3. The Third relay used the "Combat Stance" using 2 hands and aiming. Slower Fire - 5 Rounds in 25 Seconds.

Following the completion of each set of relays, shooters changed their targets, scored their target, then placed the scores on index cards where they were then given to the official scorekeeper - Tom Plante.
Note: Due to the size of the targets, only the index cards were retained. This report does not include an image of any of the targets.

Most events featured Single and Double Action Revolvers and Semi-Autos. However, at the insistance of several shooters, the "Gunsmoke" category was added for Single Action SASS type revolvers. This category required a different timing setup due to reloading issues and matches in this category were completed at the end of the regular matches.

The Event

Pre-Shoot inqiries indicated we should expect a substantial turnout. Unfortunately, several of our shooters had emergencies and could not make the shoot. We ended up with 15 shooters (scores turned in -including staff). In planning for the large turnout, the club purchased several pounds of coffee, a couple of pounds of hotdogs and 5 dozen donuts. We ended up using about 1/3 of all, incuding only 2 1/2 dozen donuts.

The "Staff" did a test run on procedures to help smooth out any glitches in running the shoot. We were able to refine procedures for next year, and overall, the event went quite smoothly and everyone was happy.

The "BIG WINNER" this year was Steven S. Steven arrived with 10 different handguns and won 8 out of 9 Matches. We had one scoring error. After all the scores were recorded and turned into Tom Plante, and trophies issued, one, shall we say unnamed range officer presented Tom with some score cards he had in his pocket. Turned out, one was Steven's Winning Score for "The Untouchables" which was issued to Andy Gisiondi because Steven's entry was missing. The mistake was corrected and Steven was issued his trophy. So Congratulations to Mr. S. - He won 8 out of the 9 matches he entered. Andy did manage to beat Steve, in the "Walker, Texas Ranger" Match by shooting a score of 232

TV-Land Cop-Show Shoot
CONTEST / Guns of the Era Winner / Rifle Score
Cagney & Lacey Trophy -Highest Scoring Female Shooter Deb S.
Rizzoli & Isles - Glock 9mm
Barney Fife Trophy --Lowest Scoring Shooter    
1) Dragnet - Joe Friday
S&W .38 w/2" Barrel
Steven S.
Taurus .38
2) Hawaii Five-O - Steve McGarrett
Colt .38 w/2" Barrel
No Entries  
3) Untouchables - Elliot Ness
Colt .38 w/4" Barrel- Fixed Sights
Steven S.
Colt Police "Positive"
4) Magnum P.I. - Thomas Magnum
1911 Series .45 ACP
Steven S.
5) Miami Vice - Crockett & Tubs
Bren 10, Mini 14
Steven S.
Mini 14
6)Chips - Poncherello & Baker
6" Colt, Ruger, Taurus, or S&W in .38/.357Mag
Steven S.
Colt Python 6"
7) NCIS - Special Agent Gibbs
SIG Sauer 9mm or .40
Bob F
Sig 226 - 9mm
8) Walker-Texas Ranger - Cordell Walker
Taurus PT-92, / Beretta 92 (9mm or .40)
Andy G
M9 Beretta
9) Starsky & Hutch - Ken "Hutch" Hutchinson"
Colt Python, Trooper .357, 4" Barrel
Newt M
Colt .357 4" Barrel
10) Rizzoli & Isles - Jane Rizzoli
Glock 9mm or .40
Steven S.
Glock 19 - 9mm
11) Hill Street Blues - Andy Renko
S&W 4" .38/.357 Fixed or Adj Sights
Larry L
S&W 4" .38
12) Equalizer - Robert McCall
Walther PP, PPK, PPK/S
Larry L
PP 9mm
13) Sledge Hammer -Inspector Sledge Hammer
Any D/A .44Mag/.44 Spec. Revolver
Steven S.
S&W Model 29
14) Spenser for Hire - Hawk
Colt Python - 6" - (Nickle Finish Optional)
Steven S.
Colt Python
15)Free-Style Swat - Deep Cover
Any Center-Fire Hangun not listed above
Thomas R
.40 Springfield
16) Gunsmoke - Matt Dillon
Any SASS revolver - Smokeless Powder
Larry L

All Scores in .html format

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