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New Jersey Arms Collectors Club

In Celebration of the


The NJACC invited One and All
To Participate in a

Marksmanship Contest

April 21, 2012

At The
Shongum Sportsmen's Mansfield
100 Yard Outdoor Range & 50' Pistol Range

10:00am - 3:00pm


"The sun never sets on the British Empire" & (Every subject) "may retain weapons necessary for the defense of home and person"

Once indisputable truths, the sun has set on both these concepts in Great Britain. As a result of current British Law, many of the firearms once held in British collections have found new homes in "The Land of the Free." Americans now own them.

In Memory of British rights won and lost and as a tribute to Our Second Amendment,

The New Jersey Arms Collector's Club Inc.
Invites the new owners of these weapons to compete in a marksmanship contest using

Firearms of the

The Shoot

The weather was a little cool for the early part of out shoot, but the sky was clear, and the canopy was up. Weather was not a negative factor. Approximately 12 shooters participated in the event. We had use of the 100 yard outdoor range until 1:00. At 12:30, the shooting line was moved up to the 50 yard line to accommodate muzzle loader events. The rest of the shooters broke for lunch. Following lunch, trophie were handed out for all long-gun events.

Around 1:30, the pistol matches began with about six shooters- some of whom did not turn in scores.

The Shooting Line was managed by Stan Gurski. Score keeper was Tom Plante, and our great cook Joe Lutz was available for his special Hot Dogs, Beans, and Chili, with all the fixin's.

The new targets were used again this year on the rifle range. The 5-ring targets were scored 1-5 & X. X's were used to break ties. We used our Sniper Targets for the Sniper Rounds.

This year, only the Queen Victoria and Young Winston Trophies were not issued, as we had no female or youth shooters.

Starting with the Waterloo and Crimea Wars Matches, John and Scott R went head to head. Scott won Waterloo, but did not submit a target for the Crimea match. John R won the match with a 6!

Glenn K just edged out Russ P for the Zulu War with his Martini Henry. Glenn also won the .22 Trainer, Empire Revolver, and UK Revolver Matches.

Russ P won the Flanders Fields, and Monte Casino Matches. He was competing closely with Andy G who won Commando, Home Guard and the End of Empire Matches. Perennial Sniper Winner, Andy lost his match this year to John M. John also won the Burma Match with his Jungle Carbine.

Paul M was the solo entrant in the Boer War Match again this year. He was using his Long Lee Enfield.

The Commonweath Auto Trophy went to Steve S who shot a top score of 85 with his Colt 1911 .45 Auto.

The results follow:

End of the Evil Empire
CONTEST / Guns of the Era Winner / Rifle Score
1) Waterloo
Smoothbore Flintlock
Scott R
Brown Bess Repro
2)Crimea War
Percussion Rifle/Carbine .577
John R
Enfield .577
3)Zulu Wars
Snyder Enfield or Martini Henry
Glenn K
4) Boer War
Any Lee Medford, Martini-Enfield, or Lee Enfield Mark I,M93/95 Mauser
Paul M
Long Lee Enfield
5) Flanders Field
Canadian Ross, SMLE
Russ P
6) "Home Guard"
P14 or 1917 Enfield
Andy G
US M1917
7) Monte Casino
Jersey Legal Equivalents
Russ P
#4 Enfield
8) Burma
#5 Jungle Carbine
John M
#5 Jungle Carbine
9) End of Empire
Indian #2A or #4 in 7.62 NATO or NJ Legal SLR type (legal FAL style)
Andy G
Indian #2A
10) Trainer
.Any British/Canadian Training Rifle in .22 Rimfire
Ten Shots - 100 Yards, 2 minutes
Glenn K
.22 Trainer
11) Sniper
Original 7.62 NATO or .303 Sniper Rifle or Whitworth, Scope Optional
John M X
12) Empire Revolver
Any Webley, Colt, or S&W in .455 or .45 Conversion, M1917 S&W or Colt
Glenn K
MK IV .45
13) United Kingdom Revolver
Any Webley, Enfield, Colt or S&W in .38/200, .38 S&W or .38 Colt N.P.
Glenn K
Colt .38/200
14) Commonweath Auto
Webley, Colt in .455, Colt 1911, 1911A1, in .45 ACP, Browning HP 9mm
Steve S
Colt 1911
15) Commando
Semi-Auto Thompson/STEN (10 Rounds - 1 Minute)
Andy G
Thompson s/a
22 / 50
All Scores in .html format
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