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In Honor of the
Men and Women of the American Military Services
Whose Sacrifices Have Made Our Freedom Possible.

New Jersey Arms Collectors Club

Invited one and all to compete with tangible links to
the battles of our Nation's History in our


A Marksmanship Competition using
firearms of our country's military from 1775-2010

Shooters celebrated our country's history by compteting with the firearms that helped to make this country great. From the Brown Bess, to the AR-15, we had a match for everyone.

The match was held on

Saturday, May 29, 2010

At The
Shongum Sportsmen's Mansfield
100 Yard Outdoor Range & 50' Pistol Range

10:00am - 3:00pm


The Shoot

The weather started out cool and overcast, but quickly warmed up and dried out to give us a perfect day for or match. The shade presented by the covered fireing line made the sun tolerable. More than 20 shooters participated in the event. We had use of the 100 yard outdoor range until 3:00. So we broke for lunch at 12:30. Once again, Joe Lutz did a great job preparing our traditional Memorial Day Lunch of Hotdogs w/chili or kraut, baked beans, and of course SPAM.

Joe had actually forgot about the Spam he had in the oven. He ran out of hotdogs before he realized he had a couple of tray of spam cooking. In the end, we had plenty of food.

Following lunch, we conducted our Memorial Day Ceremony with Taps and 3-Round Volley Salute before returning to the firing line.

The Shooting Line was managed by Stan Gurski and the Score Keeper was Tom Plante.

The new targets were used again this year. The 5-ring targets were scored 1-5 & X. X's were used to break ties. The standard target was also used for the Sniper Rounds.

All of the 19 Events scheduled had participants

Returning Champion, Matt won three events - 1) Monmouth with his Brown Bess, 2)Bull Run with his 1842 .58 Cal Musket and 12) WW-II Bolt with his '03-A3 Matt also brought his .30 Cal Browing Light Machine Gun (S/A) with 10 Round packs of belted ammo. (Did not hit much, but was very nice to see it there.

Glenn K showed up in his Civil War uniform and won two of the Black Powder Events: Glenn won 4)Little Round Top with a Plymouth Rifle and5)Brandy Station with a Spencer Rifle.

Art Remolino won the last of the black powder events - 3) Battle of New Orleans (Flintlock Rifle).

Several SASS Lever guns were used in 7) Battle of Litte Big Horn Everyone wanted to be an Indian. Paul M won with an ORIGINAL 1873 WINCHESTER IN .44-40.
Paul also won 8) Spanish American Volunteer (1879 Trapdoor Springfield).

Russ P captured San Juan Hill with his .34 Krag Carbine. Perennial Winner Andy G won four events. Andy won 9) Boxer Rebellion (Krag .30-40 Rifle) 13) Tommy Gun (Thompson .45 S/A). 14) Khe Sahn (M1A) and 15) War on Terror (AR-15). Andy shot a perfect 50-4X in War on Terror and shot a 49-5x in Khe Sahn.

Our multi-event champion from the Winter Shoot and others, Troy I, captured 11)Great War Bolt('03 Springfield), and 13)Pork Chop Hill (M1 Garand).

Steve and Deb S entered 16) Trainer and 19) BAR . Deb shot a 38-2x with the H&R Trainer to capture 18) Rosie the Riveter as the top female shooter
Steve shot a 43-5x to Tie Rich G in the Trainer match. Steve also shot a 38-2x and a 5 to win 18)BAR and Steve won 16) American Sniper with an 03A4.

The results follow:

Memorial Day Match
CONTEST / Guns of the Era Winner / Rifle Score

5 Rounds

1) Monmouth
Smoothbore Flintlock (50 Yards)
Matt B
Brown Bess Repro
2) Bull Run
Percussion Rifle/Carbine (50 Yards)
Matt B
1842 Percussion Musket
3) New Orleans
Flintlock Rifle (100 Yards)
Art R
Flintlock Rifle
4) Little Round Top
Civil War Rifle (100 Yards)
Glenn K
Plymouth Rifle
5) Brandy Station
Civil War Rifled Carbine (100 Yards)
Glenn K
Spencer Rifle

10 Rounds 2-Minutes - 100 Yards

6) Little Big Horn
Trapdoor Springfield .45-70,
SASS Lever Rifle (Pistol Cal)
Paul M
1873 Winchester 44-40
7) San Juan Hill
Krag Carbine .30-40 Krag
Russ P
Krag Carbine
8) Spanish-American Volunteer
Trapdoor Springfield .45-70
Paul M
1873 Trapdoor Springfield
9) Boxer Rebellion
Krag Rifle .30-40 Krag
Andy G
Krag Rifle
10) Great War Bolt
'03 Springfield, US M1917 (Pre 1920 BBL)
Troy I
'03 Springfield
11) WW-II Bolt
03,'03A1, '03A3,MK I 03, US 1917 Enfield
Matt B
12) Pork Chop Hill
M1 Garand
Troy I
M1 Garand
13) Tommy Gun
Semi-Auto Thompson/Grease/Reising
(50 Yards)
Andy G
14) Khe Sahn
Andy G
15) War on Terror
Any Jersey Legal AR-15
Andy G
16) American Sniper
US Military Scoped Sniper Rifle Pre '75
Steve S
17) Trainer
US Military .22 Trainer
Rich G
H&R M22 .22 Trainer
Steve S
H&R.22 Trainer
18) Rosie the Riveter
Any Female Shooter Any Match
Deb Smith
H&R .22 Trainer
15) BAR
Semi Auto version of BAR or 1919A6
(Blocked Mag or short belt)
Steve S
.45 Auto
Shoot Photos

Shoot Video (From Troy Iloski)

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