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New Jersey Arms Collectors Club
Founded 1947 -- Incorporated 1952

Affiliated with
The National Rifle Association of America and The National Muzzle-Loading Rifle Association

The NJACC was founded by a group of individuals who had a common interest in black-powder firearms significant to Military History. They got together to trade stories, information and techniques relevant to their hobby. That first club has grown and evolved into what we are today.

We are an organization dedicated to the preservation of our firearms heritage and the evolution of the military arms that have played significant roles in our history. In addition to firearms, we have members who are experts on collecting edged weapons: bayonets, knives, swords, daggers, etc. We work to achieve the history of these items by providing members the opportunity to display and compare their collections at our monthly meetings and to compete with their collections in marksmanship matches.

Each monthly meeting has an Arms Theme assigned to it for members to display their collections. One month may be rifles of the British Empire, or Civil War weapons, or American military handguns, etc.    Members display their collections prior to our formal meetings. Following our meetings, members or guests give seminars on specific arms topics. A few examples have been: Civil War Artillery, The North-South Skirmish Association, Cowboy Action Shooting and the Cowboy Action Shooting Society, post 1870 evolution of French Military Rifles, and the evolution of the automatic handguns of Germany.

For the collectors of edged weapons, we had meetings and seminars dedicated to the collectors of knives, swords and daggers. One seminar featured US Military Swords, 1775 - Present. The expert started collecting swords when he first purchased an antique sabre for his son attending a military academy. Another interesting presentation was given on the edged weapons of Germany 1850-1945, what they were, who received them and the historical significance of their markings. These great presentations covered more than just history of these items, they provided information for collectors, and information about how to determine whether items are genuine or counterfeit.

We have also had presentations on non-weapon related topics. One was on "Billy Yank, Governor", a civil war soldier who eventually became Governor of New Jersey. Another very interesting presentation was on Aviators From New Jersey who flew in WWI, and how they contributed to the war effort.