In Honor of the Men and Women Who Endured
The Rigors of Winter Combat from Valley Forge to Korea
And To Demonstrate Personal Skill with Relics of History

The New Jersey Arms Collector's Club Inc.

Invited One and All To Participate With


A Marksmanship Contest

Saturday, Jan 13, 2024

Highland Lakes, NJ -- Off Canistear Road, 4 Mi. North of Rt. 23

The Arms Collectors would like to publicly thank the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs for the use of their Cherry Ridge Range Facility, located near Vernon, NJ. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we could not hold this shoot without their greatly appreciated help.

On Saturday January 13, 2024, the New Jersey Arms Collectors Club (NJACC) sponsored its
287th Annual Historical Winter Firearms Match
in honor of the American men and women who endured the rigors of winter combat from Valley Forge to Korea and to allow participants to demonstrate their personal \ marksmanship skills using the relics of history.

Range Master, Stan Gurski provided the following narrative:

For our first shoot of 2024, we had a light turnout due to threatening weather conditions. However, the rain had cleared by the time our matches started and shooting conditions were fair. Weather was spring like with temperature in the 50's. Around noon clouds brought temperature down to 40 and there were some sprinkles.

The matches covered every era in US Military History from the Revolutionary War through the Present Era.

Shooters were encouraged to particpate "in uniform" if possible.

We had 18 participants, 2 women. Kathy Pruss provided home made corn bread and venison stew.

New participant Raquelle was joined by veteran competitor Leah for some female shooters on the line.

This year, no one showed up for any of the Black Powder Matches, Muzzleloaders or Klondike. We had a number of both men and women shooting with weapons in our other atches. Rifles seen on the line included, AR's, a Lee Enfield, M1 Garands, SKS, Winchester-type Lever Rifles and More!

Once again, shooters were seen on the line for various matches, but failed to turn in a target. One never knows with this group. Many times, these targets are winners.

Our shooters dressed for the weather and everyone had a great time.

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Winter Rendezvous Match Scores
(Based Upon Targets Submitted for Score
MATCH NUMBER & NAME Weapon (Rules)
Winner Weapon Used Score-1 Score-2 Score-3 Score-4
Shooter Score-1 Score-2 Score-3 Score-4
#1) BATTLE OF TRENTON Any Smoothbore Musket   5 Shots in 15 Minutes @ 50 Yards
No Entries          
#2) MOUNTAIN MAN Any Civilian Percussion or Flint Muzzle Loading Rifle
10 Shots / 15 Minutes
No Entries          
#3) FREDERICKSBURG Any C W Battle weapon not using fixed ammo
10 Shots / 15 Minutes
No Entries          
#4) WINTER WAR Any Finnish or Russian Mosin Nagant, Suomi 31 semi auto
No Entries          
#5) BALKAN FRONT Any Yugoslav, Austrian, Italian, Bulgarian, Romanian or Greek
WWII era bolt action rifle (post war rebuilt Yugos are OK)
Joel B. Yugo Mauser 68      
#6) EASTERN FRONT G-41, G-43, Tokarev 38 and SVT-40.Suomi M31 Semi Auto
No Entries          
#7) BATTLE OF THE BULGE BOLT 98K, Springfield '03,03A1,03A3 Enfield P14/1917 MK III and IV
Steve D. '03 Springfield 97      
John R. 03A3 92-2X< 85-1X    
Steve F. '03 Springfield 86-1X      
Marcus Y. ? 62      
George H. M1 Garand 92-1X      
Marcus Y. M1 Garand 72-3X /TD>      
#9) SCANDINAVIAN SERVICE Any Swedish, Norwegian or Danish Krag, Mauser, AG42b
Joel B. 96 Mauser 88      
George H. 96 Mauser 82      
#10) ALPINE DEFENCE Any Swiss, Italian, French, or Austrian Mil. Bolt or Semi Auto
No Entries          
#11) CHOSIN RESERVOIR M1, SAFN, Mosin Nagant, Jap 38, 99, Mauser 98
Tom S. M1 87-1X      
#12) AFGHAN HILLS Any NJ Legal Semi-Auto, 5.56, 7.62 Nato, 7.62 x 39, 5.45 x 39 (100yds)
Raquelle ? 86-1X      
Steve F. M1A 80      
Gregory L. SKS 67      
Marcus Y. ? 67      
#13) KLONDIKE Any Black Powder Cartridge Firearm (smokeless or duplex ammo OK)
No Entries          
#14) ALASKA HUNTER Any Sporter Rifle, inc. Sporterized Military, (Iron Sights)
Raquel SKS 65      
#15) SNIPER (SIMO HAYHA AWARD) Military Sniper Rifle w/Original style Optics, FINN 28/30
1 Shot @100 yd
No Entries          
#16) POLAR BEAR Any Sport, Sporterized Military Rifle with Scope 6.5mm or +. (100 yds)
Joel B. 6.5 Swede 88      
#17) RANCH RIFLE Any Civilian Lever Action Rifle caliber
Tom S. ? 93      
John R. Winchester '94 82      
Aubrey F. Henry .357 72      
Paul P. Winchester 94 75 62 50  
Paul P. Marlin .357 33 23 21 21
#18) COWBOY CARBINE Any Civilian Lever Action Pistol caliber
Tom S. ? 90      
#19) WINTER OLYMPIAN Any Rimfire /pellet Rifle (.17 or .22), - no magnifying optics
Larry McD. Winchester Model 52B 99-4X 96 - 2X 94 - 1X  
Peter Y. Remington 513 97-8X 94-2X 86-2X 76-2X
Tony S. ? 6      
#20) WINTER PLINKER Any scoped Rimfire (.17 or .22) Rifle (100 yards)
Tom S. Marlin 60 91 94-2X 86-2X 76-2X
#21) SLUG GUN W/SCOPE NJ Legal Slug gun w/o scope and without 5 shots
Steve S. ? 15 94-2X 86-2X 76-2X
#22) SLUG GUN W/O SCOPE NJ Legal Slug gun w/scope 5 shots
No Entries          
#23) MODERN MUZZLOADER W/O SCOPE In-Line Muzzleloader w/o Scope (Pyrodex OK)
No Entries          
#24) MODERN MUZZLOADER W/SCOPE In-Line Muzzleloader w/Scope (Pyrodex OK)
No Entries          
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