In Honor of the Men and Women Who Endured
The Rigors of Winter Combat from Valley Forge to Korea
And To Demonstrate Personal Skill with Relics of History

The New Jersey Arms Collector's Club Inc.

Invited One and All To Participate With


A Marksmanship Contest

Saturday, Jan 16, 2021

Highland Lakes, NJ -- Off Canistear Road, 4 Mi. North of Rt. 23

The Arms Collectors would like to publicly thank the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs for the use of their Cherry Ridge Range Facility, located near Vernon, NJ. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we could not hold this shoot without their greatly appreciated help.

On Saturday January 16, 2021, the New Jersey Arms Collectors Club (NJACC) sponsored its
25th Annual Historical Winter Firearms Match
in honor of the American men and women who endured the rigors of winter combat from Valley Forge to Korea and to allow participants to demonstrate their personal \ marksmanship skills using the relics of history.

Due to the restrictions placed upon ranges by the Covid-19 Pandemic, this was a "Shoot-n-Scoot" event with targets collected and scores to be sent to the participants on who won which event. There was some stew and coffee near the range, but this year's event did not feature trophies or lunch. Further Covid restrictions limited the number of benches in use at any given time, so as shooters completed their matches, they were asked to make their benches available for the next shift.

Shooters were asked to score their own targets and to submit targets for ALL THE MATCHES THEY ENTERED. The winning scores are posted below.

More than thirty stouthearted military arms collectors, reenactors, weaponologists, and friends came from the hinterlands of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York to brave the early spring-like conditions temp in the 40's and coalesce at the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs' (ANJRPC) range at Highland Lakes, New Jersey for a day of friendly marksman competition.

Weather reports indicated a clear, breezey weather in the low 40s. To stave off the cold, hot venison stew, coffee, and hot chocolate were served at the range, but were not allowed on the line.

Match participants brought prized examples of the now collectable rifles used by soldiers in long ago winter war confrontations to compete for trophies and the chance to become world famous in New Jersey by being mentioned in this report. With the exception of three events requiring the use of scoped rifles, contest rules required shooters fire 10 rounds in 2 minutes at a standard SR21-C target placed at the 50 yard line. Targets for the scoped rifle contests were placed at the 100 yard line.

This year there were a total of twenty-two (22) events in the course of fire consisting of fourteen (14) military battle themed rifle contests along with six (6) additional matches specifically designed to test the participant's skill in the cold hand use of civilian target or hunting rifles in typical winter survival like conditions.

A quick tour of the benches disclosed participants brought a gun show-like assortment of U.S, British, German, Finnish, Russian, Swiss, Swedish, and Yugoslav military rifles along with a respectable collection of civilian hunting and target firearms.

A nice collection of photos were provided by Jeff A. for this report. Unfortunately, I was unable to scan in the winning targets or have a complete list of scores shot, so your shoot report is not as thorough as in the past.

Some competitors are afraid that a google search will kick up their name as participating in a "gun" event and under cancel culture it must be reported to the employer. Consequently I only use initials. You are free to respond and take full credit if you wish.

If I put a ? after your score it is because you failed to list the firearm.

Hope you all had fun and will return with some friends when the range is open to full capacity after we get herd immunity.
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The matches covered every era in US Military History from the Revolutionary War through the Present Era. Shooters were encouraged to particpate "in uniform" if possible.

The following are the scores reported:


January 16, 2021

ANJRPC Cherry Ridge Range
Canistear Road, Vernon, NJ


Members: $10.00 for All Events
SHOOT-N-SCOOT - No Lunch, No Prizes
Curios and Relics of the period-Original Stocks and sights
All contests are 10 rounds in 2 Minutes at 50 Yards Except for scoped rifles at 100 yds.
- Any position including bench rest* unless otherwise noted.

*NOTE: All guns must be fired from shoulder unless excused for medical reasons

1) Battle of Trenton
Any Flintlock Smoothbore
D.W. ?? 42
2) Mountain Man
Civilian Percussion or Flint Rifle
I.G. Plains Rifle
.50 cal
3) Fredricksburg
Any Civil War Muzzloader
S.G. .58 Cal Richmond Carbine 94-2X
4) Winter War
Any Finnish or Russian Mosin Nagant
P.M. Finnish 28/30 100-7X
5) Balkan Front
Any Yugoslav, Austrian, Italian, Bulgarian, Romanian or Greek
WWII bolt action rifle
J.A. Yugo M48
6) Eastern Front Semi-Auto
G-41, G-43, Tokarev 38 and 40
J.A. Suomi SA
7) Battle of the Bulge Bolt
98K, '03 Springfield, Enfield III, IV, M17 Enfield
P.M. '03 Springfield 99-6X
Note: 14 Entries in this event with many shooters in the 90s
8) Battle of Heurtgen Forest
M1 Garand, G-43, G-41
J.A. M1 Garand
G.H. M1 Garand
9) Scandanavian Bolt
Swedish Mauser, Norwegian or Danish Krag
G.H. M96 Swede
10) Alpine Defense
Any Swiss, Italian French, Austrian
Mil. Bolt or Semi Auto
J.A. Mas 49/56
P.M. Schmidt-Rubin 97-2X
11) Chosin Resevoir
M1 Garand, Mosin Nagant,
Japanese 38, 99, or Mauser 98
P.M. Mosin 91/30
J.A. M1-Garand
12) Afghan Hills
Any NJ Legal Semi Auto in
5.56, 7.62 Nato, 7.62 x 39, 5.45 x 39
K.K ?? 100-7X
13) Klondike
Any Black Powder Cartridge Firearm
GK Shiloh Sharps 100-9X
S.G. Sharps .45-65 99-6X
14) Alaskan Hunter
Any Sporter Rifle in Sporterized Military
(iron sights)
J.A. Swedish CG-63 99-8X
15)Winter Sniper (Simo Hayha Award )
Orig. Military Sniper Rifle w/orig. Optics
1 Shot -100 Yards
16) Polar Bear
Any Sport, Military or Police Rifle
W/Iron Sights or Scope
(Non-GI Optics, 6.5mm or Larger)
17) Ranch Rifle
Any Lever Action Rifle Caliber
J.I. 35 Remington 100*8X
G.K. Winchester 94 99-6X
18) Cowboy Carbine
Any Lever Action Rifle in Pistol Caliber
A.M. 66 Winchester
.45 Colt
J.Y. Winchester
.44 cal
19) Winter Olympian
Any Non-Scoped .17 Cal, .22 Cal Rimfire or Pellet Rifle
L.J.M. Winchester 52-B 97-2X
D.W. ?? 95-1X
20) Winter Plinker
Any .22 / .17 Rimfire Rifle With Scope
L.J.M. Reminton 40X
10X Unertl Scope
G.K. Styer Zephyr II 90-3X
21) Slug Gun w/Scope
Any NJ Legal Slug-Gun w/Scope
(5 Shots @ 50yds)
22) Slug-Gun w/o Scope
Any NJ Legal Slug Gun w/o Scope
5 Shots@50yds)
D.Y. Benelli Slug Gun 49

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Tom Plante
and he will make the changes.