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Shongum Sportsmen's Association

In Celebration of the


The Shongum Sportsmen's Association invited One and All
To Participate in a

Marksmanship Contest

April 30, 2016

At The
Shongum Sportsmen's Mansfield
100 Yard Outdoor Range & 50' Pistol Range

10:00am - 3:00pm


It was said that
"The sun never sets on the British Empire"
Every subject "may retain weapons necessary for the defense of home and person".

Once indisputable truths, the sun has set on both these concepts in Great Britain. As a result of current British Law, many of the firearms once held in British collections have found new homes in "The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave."
Americans now own them.

By the beginning of the twentieth century the British Empire held sway over one-fifth of the world's population and covered almost a quarter of the earth's total land area. At the end of WWI, Britain had reached its greatest extent but was heavily in debt and no longer the world's pre-eminent industrial or military power. Despite the final victory of Britain and its allies in WWII, the damage to British national wealth and loss of prestige resulting from early defeats by the Japanese helped to accelerate the final decline of the empire.

During the empire's long history, British forces or military forces with a British mandate have invaded, had some control over, or fought conflicts in 171 of the world's 193 countries that are currently UN member states.
If there was a reason the sun set on the Brits, that pretty much says it all.

The Shoot

On Saturday April 30, 2016, the Shongum Sportsmen's Association (SSA) in conjunction with the New Jersy Arms Collectors Club (NJACC), sponsored the Tenth Firearms of the Wars of the British Empire Marksmanship Contest held in memory of British rights lost and as a tribute to our Second Amendment that allowed the new owners of these weapons to compete for honors using the firearms of those long ago wars of the British Empire.

This premier marksmanship tournament attracted top shooters from all over the tri-state area who came for a chance to win trophies and the evanescent accolades of their fellow competitors.

Contest rules for the smokeless powder events required shooters fire 10 rounds in 2 minutes at a target placed at the 100 yard line. Since most vintage military rifles lack fine target like adjustments and have battle sights that are set at ranges anywhere from 350 to over 500 yards, it becomes very challenging to hit the X ring on the bull at that range. For the black powder events the targets are also placed at 100 yards but only five shots were required in the allotted two minute time frame. Muzzle loading contests were shot at typical 18th century "don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes" combat range (25 yards). The match this year consisted of thirteen (13) rifle and four (4) handgun events. A new contest called the "Commando" for .45 Thompson semi-automatic "Tommy Guns" was featured this year along with an old favorite in the same fun class as Pumpkin Chunkin (only much smaller) where participants try to propel a tennis ball from an SMLE Grenade Cup farthest down range using a blank cartridge.

Participants brought some ultra-fine examples of historic British firearms including Brown Bess and Enfield Muskets, Snider Enfields, Martini Henries (the real star of the 1964 movie Zulu), a Long Lee Enfield, an extremely nice P-17 Enfield like those used by the home guard in WWII, SMLEs, Ishapore 2A/2A1s, and of course Webleys.

This year to mark the 114th Anniversary of the End of the Boer War, particpants were allowed to use 1892,1893, or 1895 Mausers like the ones employeed by the Boers so successfully against the British.

The benchs were a virtual gun show like display of the most iconic British rifles all in outstanding or near outstanding condition. Notable among the notables was a rare and seldom seen Long Lee Enfield, several pristine No.4 SMLEs, a near mint Australian MKIII, a custom made Enfield Pattern 1851 .70 caliber musket, several Snider Enfield rifles, four Martini Henry 577/450s, a Martini Enfield .303, and an authentic 1893 OVS Mauser in mintish condition.

Competition began under cloudy skies at just shortly after 10:00A under the hawklike supervision of shoot chairman Stan G. and Range Safety Officer Dave J. Despite the large number of events Steve. S., ran the line so effectively and efficiently that the match progressed smoothly despite the late start and was completed in time for a leisurely military style gourmet lunch.

Just before lunch, the Black Powder Flintlock matches were held. Jeff A. provided us with some nice photots.

Lunch was prepared by the NJACC's own President and Chef d'Partie Chuck C. and to say the least, was the gastronomic high point of the morning. The menu this year included Imported Haggis (for the uninitiated, haggis is made from chopped sheep's heart, liver, and lungs mixed with onions, oatmeal, and other stuff) unfortunately minus the neeps and tatties, but club anglophiles were disappointed again by the absence of such traditional English favorites as Bubbles and Squeak, Mushy Peas, Toad in the Hole, and the ever popular Spotted Dick. Luckily Chef Chuck provided a hearty substitute of boiled 100% all beef Coney Island Hot Dogs on a bun slathered with warm chili or smothered in mustard, ketchup, pickle relish, and sauerkraut with a generous serving of semi carmelized baked beans in the blue can straight from England. A meal truly fit for a king (well, an English king anyway). America's favorite delicious nuitricious deserts, Yodels and Cherry Fruit Pies were also available in sugary abundance to top off this exquisite dining experience.

After the usual lunch time backchat and bandinage, awards for the rifle matches were announced with some memorable and outstanding acheivements. High score of the day went to Russ P. with a 98-4X in the Boer War Event using an authentic OVS 1893 Mauser. Russ was also the biggest winner of the day in the rifle events taking home four trophies and the plaudits of his fellow shooters. Russ was followed closely by Glenn K. with three trophies, two of which were for the challenging timed muzzle loading events including the Crimea Contest where he used a magnificent looking custom made Enfield Pattern 1851 .70 caliber rifled musket. John R. took honors with two wins in the black powder class Ashanti and Zulu war contests shutting out the competition using a fine Snider Enfield Sergeant's Rifle and a classic trade model Martini Henry MKIII by D.J. Fraser. Lastly, Andy G. finished first in the Sniper Match with a score second to none and took home the coveted Francis Pegahmagabow Trophy. Audry T. walked away with the Queen Victoria Trophy for the higest female shooter using an 1917 Enfield in the Home Guard Contest. Audry also won the Special Event by propelling a tennis ball the farthest down range from a SMLE w/Grenade launching cup using a blank cartridge.

Pistol matches began with military like precision sometime after 1:30p and were dominated by Glenn K. who did a virtual clean sweep by winning the Empire Revolver and United Kingdom 38/200 Revolver events and tying Dave T. in the Commonwealth Auto contest. There were no entries in the 007 match.

A round of thanks go again to Tom P. who performed the necessary but under appreciated task of scoring targets and tallying match results. Congratulations to all contest winners and thanks to everyone who showed up and participated in this match. All in all, Queen Victoria herself would have been proud.

Details for upcoming matches are posted on the NJACC website at www. njacc.info

CONTEST / Guns of the Era Winner / Rifle Score
Queen Victoria Trophy
Highest Scoring Female Shooter
Audry T
8) Home Guard

US M1917
1) Waterloo
Smoothbore Flintlock
Glenn K.
Brown Bess
2) Crimea War
Percussion Rifle/Carbine .577
Glen Kaye
P51 Enfield
3) Third Ashanti War
Snider Rifle, Carbine, Short Rifle .577
5-Shots@ 100 Yards 8 Minutes
John R.
Snider 2 Band
4) Zulu Wars
Martini Henry
5-Shots@ 100 Yards
John R.
5) Boer War
Any Lee Medford, Martini-Enfield, or Lee Enfield Mark I,M93/95 Mauser
Russ P
OVS Mauser
Paul M
Long Lee Enfield
6) Flanders Field
Canadian Ross, SMLE
Russ P
7) Home Guard
P14 or 1917 Enfield
Dave T.
US M1917
8) Monte Casino
No. 4 Enfield
Russ P
#4 Enfield
9) Burma
#5 Jungle Carbine
Russ P
#5 Jungle Carbine
10) End of Empire
Indian #2A or #4 in 7.62 NATO or NJ Legal SLR type (legal FAL style)
Pete Y
Indian #4 7.62 Nato
11) Trainer
Any British/Canadian Training Rifle, .22 Rimfire
Glenn K
.22 Martini Trainer
12) Sniper
Original 7.62 NATO or .303 Sniper Rifle or Whitworth, Scope Optional
Andy Gisondi
SLR Sporter
13) Commando
NJ Legal Thompson S/A or Sten S/A
Advance on Targets
Norman S.
Thompson S/A
18) Special
SMLE w/ Launcher
Tennis Balls Closest to 100 Yd Line
Audry T. Shooting Fun
14) Empire Revolver
Any Webley, Colt, or S&W in .455 or .45 Conversion, M1917 S&W or Colt
Glenn K.
Webley MK VI .45
15) United Kingdom Revolver
Any Webley, Enfield, Colt or S&W in .38/200, .38 S&W or .38 Colt N.P.
Glenn K.
Colt Official Police 38-200
16) Commonweath Auto
Webley, Colt in .455, Colt 1911, 1911A1, in .45 ACP, Browning HP 9mm
Glenn K.
Colt 1911
Dave T
Colt 1911A1
17) 007
Walther PPK, PPK/S, Baretta 418
No Entries  
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