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In Honor of the
Men and Women of the American Military Services
Whose Sacrifices Have Made Our Freedom Possible.

New Jersey Arms Collectors Club

Invited one and all to compete with tangible links to
the battles of our Nation's History in our


A Marksmanship Competition using
firearms of our country's military from 1775-2010

Shooters celebrated our country's history by competing with the firearms
that helped to make this country great. From the Brown Bess, to the AR-15, we had a match for everyone.

The match was held on

Saturday, May 24, 2014

At The
Shongum Sportsmen's Mansfield
100 Yard Outdoor Range

10:00am - 1:00pm


The Shoot

On Thursday and Friday, sporadic downpours threatened to extend into the weekend, and the forcast for Saturday was mostly cloudy with chance of showers. We ended up with a cool breezy day with some sun and clouds. The rain came late in the afternoon.

All the benches were filled this year in spite of the threatening weather. Bob Weis had delivered the target frames on Friday, so they were there on-time.

The Shooting Line was managed by Stan Gurski, Tom Plante handled registration and scoring, and Chuck Collins did a marvelous job in the kitchen with a lunch of hotdogs, kraut, Spam, Beans, and chili.

The shoot was divided into two sections: the Black Powder Matches, and the Rifle Matches.

Following the rifle matches, the "Audy Murphy" match was held. This match is a two stage event fired at sihlouette targets. Starting at 100 yards, shooters fire 8 rounds from an M1 Garand in standing position, then move to the 25 yard line to fire 7 rounds off-hand from a 19ll Auto. Combined scores determine the winner.

The shooters who were not entered into this match, turned in their targets and were off to lunch.

The black-powder matches were scheduled to take place after lunch since they were to be fired from the 25-yard line. However, only one person was shooting in a BP event and he elected not to shoot.

Following lunch, we held our Memorial Day Ceremony to honor America's Military Fallen.
Stan Gurski lowered theFlag to half-staff then addressed everyone at the range.
A four-man rifle squad with .30-06 Rifles fired 3 rounds each on command from Stan Gurski, followed by the playing of Taps and the raising of the Flag to full staff.

Following the ceremony, the final targets were scored and the trophies awarded.

Several of the 19 Events scheduled had no entries and several had only one entrant- i.e. only 1 target was entered for scoring. The first 4 BP events had no entries, and no one entered the Spanish-American War requiring a Trapdoor Springfield.

Again, this year saw several matches entered by only one shooter. However we did issue the Rosie the Riveter and Young Warrior Trophies.

Note: For all you competitors - if you shoot for score, turn in your target regardless of how poor you think it is - you still might win!!

The results follow:

Memorial Day Match
CONTEST / Guns of the Era Winner / Rifle Score

5 Rounds

1) Monmouth
Smoothbore Flintlock (50 Yards)
No Entries  
2) Bull Run
Percussion Smooth Bore (25 Yards)
No Entries  
3) New Orleans
Flintlock Rifle (100 Yards)
No Entries  
4) Little Round Top
Civil War Rifle (100 Yards)
No Entries  
5) Brandy Station
Civil War Rifled Carbine (5 Shots/100 Yards)
Paul M
Smith Carbine

10 Rounds 2-Minutes - 100 Yards

6) Little Big Horn
Trapdoor Springfield .45-70,
SASS Lever Rifle (Pistol Cal)
Russ P
Winchester '73
7) San Juan Hill
Krag Carbine .30-40 Krag
Larry M
Winchester 1895 in .30-40 Krag
8) Spanish-American Volunteer
Trapdoor Springfield .45-70
No Entries  
9) Boxer Rebellion
Krag Rifle .30-40 Krag
Russ P
Krag '98
10) Great War Bolt
'03 Springfield, US M1917 (Pre 1920 BBL)
Jay Reymakis
US M1917
11) WW-II Bolt
03,'03A1, '03A3, MKI 03, US 1917 Enfield
Paul M.
'03A3 Springfield
12) Pork Chop Hill
M1 Garand
Russ P
M1 Garand
13) Young Warrior
Any Shooter/Gun Under 18
Matt A
War on Terror
14) Khe Sahn
Russ P
15) War on Terror
Any Jersey Legal AR-15
Darlene F
16) American Sniper
US Military Scoped Sniper Rifle Pre '75
Steve S.
Winchester Model 70
17) Trainer
US Military .22 Trainer
Steve S
Kimber .22 Trainer
18) Rosie the Riveter
Any Female Shooter Any Match
Darlene F
19) Audy Murphy
8 Rounds M1 Garand Standing @ 100yds
1911 .45 Auto 7 Rounds offhand @ 25yds
Jack S.
Steve S.
All Scores in html format

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