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New Jersey Arms Collectors Club

In commemoration of the 91th Anniversary of the end of WWI
and in honor of the men and women who served so valiantly
to preserve our freedom in the "WAR TO END ALL WARS"
The New Jersey Arms Collectors Club
invited one and all to participate in our


A Marksmanship Contest

For shooters to

Compete with their WWI Era Rifles and Pistols

WWI Re-Enactors were encouraged to participate in uniform

Saturday November 20 , 2010
11:00 AM - 3:00 PM (Sight-in: 10:00 AM)

At The
Shongum Sportsmen's Mansfield
100 Yard Outdoor Range & 50' Pistol Range

10:00am - 3:00pm


The Shoot

The weather was absolutely gorgeous for our shoot which, as it turned out,
was important since the firing line was uncovered for our event.
(Had we held the event on Sunday, we would have been rained out.)

Approximately 15 shooters participated in the event. We had use of the 100 yard outdoor range until 1:00. So we broke for lunch at 1:00 and then moved to the pistol events indoors.

The Shooting Line was managed by Stan Gurski. Score keeper Tom Plante was unavailable, so the winning targets are unavailable to scan and display. and our great cook Joe Lutz was available for his special Hot Dogs, Beans, and Chili, with all the fixin's.

Stan Emailed webmaster Tom Plante the results and the following is Stan's Report:

Frames arrived on time but were not needed as other organizations must have left theirs on the range. In the future we will be able to store a set of frames at Shongum but, we will still need to transport them to Cherry Ridge in January.

We had a dozen competitors so our costs were covered and the deficeit from the Evil Empire Shoot was erased. The only outstanding bill is for the sniper targets that Tom obtained and the cost can be applied to the cost of the Winter Shoot.

We had a good time shooting, but but we did not attract anybody 'new' for recruiting purposes. About 48 drinks are left over for use at Christmas party.

Tom left sheets for grading and I put them on a clip board but somebody must have moved them and they got lost.

Results from the Shoot:

Doughboy: Russ P 42 1X using M1917 Enfield. Belleau Wood: John R with a 40. Allied Rifle: Rich G with a P-14 score 36 Central Powers Rifle: Russ P with an '88 Commission rifle(not converted to stripper clips) score 38 2X. Rifle with Bayonet: went to Andy Gisondi using a 1917 Enfield with score of 37. <

Handgun events were close with some disputes over scores because of the use of ball rather than wadcutter ammo.

Allied Revolver: winner was Rich G with a 1917 Colt 91 2X. Allied auto went to Herb Kuhne with a 1911 and a score of 58. Central powers pistol went to Larry L artillery Luger to win both the general contest and the stocked (two hand) category with a score of 69. Small pistol went to Rich Gajda using a Colt 1903 32 Auto.
He got a 92 2X in a close match with Larry.

End of the Evil Empire
CONTEST / Guns of the Era Winner / Rifle Score
1) Doughboy
US M1917 Rifle
Russ P 42 -1x
2) Belleau Wood
'03 Springfield, open sights, straight stock
John R
3)Allied Rifle
P-14 Enfield, Mk III, Lebel,Bertier, Long Mosin Nagant, Carcano Rifle, Jap Type 30,38,Ross, Belgium Mauser,etc
Rich G
4) Central Powers Rifle
GEW 98, Kar98 Steyr M95
Russ P
Russ P with an '88 Commission rifle(not converted to stripper clips)
5) Rifle w/Bayonet
Any of the above w/Bayonet Attache
Andy G
US M1917 Enfield
6) Central Powers Pistol
P08, C96, Steyr M12
Larry L
Stocked P08 Artillery Luger
7) Allied Revolver
Webley, Colt or S&W in .45 ACP, or .455,
Rich G
Colt .45 M1917
8) Allied Pistol
1911 in .45 or .455 (No A1 Variants),
Herb K
9) Stocked Pistol
Artillery Luger or Broomhandle Mauser (7.63 or 9mm Luger
Larry L
Stocked P08
10) Small Pistol
Browning 1900, 1903, 1910(Princip's gun),Mauser 1914, Ruby Type, Colt 1903,1908, Walter #4,Savage
Rich G
Colt 1903 32 Auto
11) Sniper:
Any WWI Sniper Rifle with Original Optics -
100 Yards, 1 Shot