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October 26, 2008

At The
Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs
Cherry Ridge 100 Yard Range

10:00am - 3:00pm


In celebration of the End of the Evil Empire, the fall of the Soviet Union, the Arms Collectors Club conducted our annual shoot featuring weapons prevalent during the period of Soviet Influence. Arms of the period range from the bolt action Mosin-Nagants of 1891, 1930, 1944 and others to modern Kalishnikov type semi-auto rifles

The New Jersey Arms Collectors Club held its traditional End of the Evil Empire Shoot at the ANJRPC Cherry Ridge Range again this year. Realizing that turn of the century Mosin Nagant rifles and recently imported Rumanian SAR and the common SKS were not competitive against Match grade ARs and M1A's the club sponsors shoots with equal firearms.

Many people collect firearms from the former communist bloc and buy modern variations of current issue infantry rifles and sniper rifles. Since the New Jersey Arms Collectors Club is organized for collectors and shooters it has offered competition with period firearms. Since shooters compete with similar firearms, the competition does not go to the more expensive equipment. It also gives collectors and bargain gun hunters an opportunity to fire vintage firearms. (Or give you another reason for buying Jersey legal AK look alikes).

The Shoot

Several events were scheduled that featured the arms of specific eras in Soviet History. The guns were limited to curios and relics of the period with original iron sights. Each contest was a two minute timed fire event requiring ten shots at 50 yards except for the the sniper match, which required a military issue sniper rifle and scope and was limited to a single shot at 100 yards.

Three events went unfilled this year. No one was shooting a .22 Trainer, so we had no entries for Young Pioneer Instructor, and since there were not any shooters under 18, we had no entries for the Young Pioneer Match. No one brought a Tokarev SVT-40 entry, so that match was empty as well.

We had cool, damp, and breezey shooting conditions down on the range, but still managed to host about a dozen or so shooters. The covered shooting line was a blessing, as wind was light and everyone managed to stay dry.

The Shooting Line was managed by Stan Gurski. Score keeper and assistant cook was our secretary, Tom Plante, and our chef-du-jour for this shoot was NJACC President, Chuck Collins.

Lunch included kielbasa hot-dogs, with all the fixin's, baked beans, kraut,and pierogies.

The new targets were used again this year. The 5-ring targets were scored 1-5 ∓ X. X's were used to break ties. The sniper target had even a smaller bull and X ring.

Once again, we had a couple of retuning champions. Rich C won the Simonov Carbine with his SKS,(47-2x) and just edged out Russ P who shot a (45-2x)with his SKS. Andy G, our perennial sniper, shot a Dead-X to win Soviet Sniper and he also won the Kalishnikov Match as the sole entrant. Andy entered 5 targets and had a 39-3X. In the Mosin-Nagant Rifle Match, Rich C shot a 48-3x with his M-N 91/30, but was edged out by returning champion, Troy I (50-3X) Troy shot the only 'perfect' score of the day ( 50-4x ) using his Mosin Nagant 91/30 Rifle and then won the Combloc Carbine with a borrowed M-N M44. A new champion was crowned in the Bolshevic Rifle Match, won by Russ P with a score of 48-5X Our Soviet Heroine medal went to Caroline W who shot an imperessive 42 as the only woman shooter in the meet.

The results follow:

End of the Evil Empire
CONTEST / Guns of the Era Winner / Rifle Score
1) Bolshevik Revolution Rifle
Mosin-Nagant M 1891 Long Rifle or Winchester 95 in 7.62 x 54 Russian Rimmed
Russ P
Mosin Nagant 1891
48 / 50 - 5X
2) Mosin-Nagant Rifle
M 1891 Dragoon, 91/30
Troy I - 91/30
Rich Choate - 91/30
50 / 50 -3X
48 / 50 -3X
4) Simonov Carbine
Any SKS w/o Detachable Box Magazine
Rich C
47 / 50 - 2X
5) Comblock Carbine
Any Mosin Nagant Carbine,(M38,M44,Type 53) or cut down rifle (91/30/58)
Troy I
Mosin Nagant M44
47 /50 - 3X
6) Soviet Sniper
Dragunov, Mosin or Tokarev Rifle with any scope
Andy G
Mosin Nagant
7) Kalishnikov
Jersey Legal Equivalents
Andy G
39 / 50 - 3X
10) "Heroine of Soviet Union"
Any Female Shooter
Caroline W
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